Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First 1st day of school

August 16, 2011 was a memorable day in the Hollis house.  It was the very first time the boys have gone to school.  Yes, I understand it is only preschool but it's a big move for them (and me)! Last year I had talked about wanting to put them in preschool because I thought that they were ready and I thought I needed a little break.  Things ended up happening and we moved in Nov/Dec so that was out the window for last year.  Secretly I am glad it didn't happen then.  I know that I can't keep them little forever, nor do I want to, but I am glad I had a little more time to nurture them at home with me. 

This year was the right time.  David & I had decided a long time ago that if it was possible we wanted the boys to have a Christian education.  When we knew we were moving to Colorado Springs one of the main reasons we were so ecstatic was because we knew they would have a Christian education.  Our church houses a christian school!  So awesome!  The boys are attending Pikes Peak Christian School.  We hope that they will be there for many years to come!

 For the boys they could hardly contain their excitement for school.  We got home from our week long trip to Louisiana on Sunday night.  I had told the boys that when we got back they would be going school.  They were ready!  We walked in the door from a 12 hour drive and were asking about going to school!  Good thing they only had to wait until Monday to go to open house.

When we got to open house we met their teacher, Mrs. Graham.  We were able to play for a little bit in the room with the boys and then walk around the church/school.  The boys were a little confused at first because it all looks like church to them, but I kept explaining that once they go to class with their teacher it will be different.   After our walk through and visiting with everyone we headed home. wait for class time on Tuesday! :)

Tuesday morning came quickly.  David stayed home that morning to be able to take them to school so we had breakfast as a family and talked about what to expect during the day.  The boys didn't seem to have any apprehensions, just pure excitement.  We got to the school (which was a zoo) and walked the boys to the classroom. They hung up their backpacks & then off they went.  No goodbye, nothing.  They were ready!

All in all I did fine.  (I know this is not about me!)  I am so excited to see them grow and learn, but it is a little bittersweet to let them go into someone else's care for a few hours.    I didn't shed any tears, but they might have welled up a few times in my eyes :) 

What a wonderful day!  My boys are going to school....W-O-W

Love this place!

Ready for open house

David was able to make it
(actually I don't think he would have missed it for the world)

First day of school!

We do promote individuality.....sometimes :)

Jackson's turn

Backpack's full of supplies

My babies going to school

Our friend Hayden with us at school

Where they hang their backpack's

Jonathan moving his name to "school" 
When they leave they move their name to "home"

See......I could barely get them to look at me once we got there

Mrs. Graham's class

Memories for a Lifetime

Has it really been a month since I have blogged??  I have to admit that I think about doing it often, but then talk myself out of it.  I need to stay on top of it! 

Last week I was Louisiana all week.  David left on August 5th to work in California for a little over a week, so the boys & I made the trek to Louisiana by oursleves.  Have I mentioned how well the boys travel?!?  Now, we travel A LOT so they are defenitly experienced.  It still amazes me every time how well they do.  I might be a little hard core, too :)   We got up early on Saturday, August 6th and I knew that we were going to try to make it to Ruston.  Now, for those of you that don't know that is a 995 mile trip.  Yep....loooong way.  We have never gone that far in the car in one day.  They boys did amazing!  We stopped 3 times.  That's right...3 times.  When we stopped to fill up on gas we pottied  and got food.  We made it in pretty much record time as well.  Total travel time was 15 hours.  Like I said.....amazing!  We were all glad when that trip was over.

The week was full of family time.  Rachel & Anna Kate (my step-mom & sister) were gone on vacation to the beach so it was only my dad at home.  The boys LOVED hanging out with Papa G.  They just laughed and played for 7 days straight.  Dad would come home for lunch and they would just about attack him at the door.  When he would get home for the day, all they wanted to do was be with him.  They would help feed Avery (the dog), go for golf cart rides, wrestle, and watch baseball. 

We also got to go to Memaw's (David's mom) house.  She loved watching them and I got all kinds of stories about David & Doug (David's twin brother).  I have to say I am a little scared of what it to come :) 

David flew in to Dallas on Thursday.  So the boys didn't have to ride in the car for another 8 hours my dad watched them overnight.  It was a good thing!  David's flight didn't get in until 3:30am on Friday monring & we were on the road back to Ruston by 7:30am.  That would have made for a rough time with the boys.  When we got back in town we were able to meet dad & the boys at Johnny's for some YUMMY pizza.  Of course the boys were ecstatic to see David.  That's always fun to see. 

Lastly, but certainly not least we went to the wedding of Jennifer & Doug.  This was the whole reason we made the trip.  Jennifer was absolutey stunning & Doug was beaming.  We are glad that we were able to be there & not miss such a wonderful occasion!  Congratulations guys!

After the wedding we drove to Dallas to spend the night with Erin & AD.  We got to see them a couple hours on Sunday morning before we had to make the drive back to Colorado Springs.  The boys love them some Parker & Caroline.  They didn't want to leave them, but we had to.  Good thing we will see them all again in just a few weeks!

After all was said and done I drove a total of 2,780 miles.  WOW!  It was all worth it though :)

Aunt Ann
 My hero for so many reasons, but cancer survivor can now be added to the list!

Having fun!

Papa G & the boys!

Anna Kate came home Friday night, so we got to see her for a few minutes :)

Trying to stay occupied before the wedding.  The boys LOVED playing with Lydia

Love Uncle Doug


Mr. & Mrs. Doug Hollis