Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Snow day!

Saturday morning David got up early as he was preparing to go out for a day of fun with a buddy.  I could hear him faintly getting ready, then the boys come in our room & climb in bed with me.  As I am still in & out of consciousness I hear the rumblings of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  David starts to leave our room and I hear...." looks gnarly outside."  Being that I didn't want to get up I pretty much ignored him.  The boys couldn't resist looking at what he was talking about and so they go tearing out of the room.  So much for sleeping in........ 

As I stumble out of the door I look out and see the most beautiful snow storm.  It was in like, sideways!  David called up Matt to see if they were still going to brave the weather & decided not to.  So, it became official...SNOW DAY!  We hurried to eat some form of breakfast while we listened to the constant pleading, "Can we go outside, I want to go outside, Can we go play, Is it time to ski?????"  You get my point...

That boy has got some blue eyes

Ready to go!

Our backyard...beautiful

Finally, as we finished choking down a pop tart off we go to get bundled up.  The boys were giddy.  Well, maybe David & I were too.  It's fun to play in the snow!  We all got ready and headed outside to play.  I'm not joking when I say it was snowing sideways.  The snow was coming down so hard it was hurting our faces.  But, we prevailed and continued to throw snowballs at one another and attempt to build a snowman.  The snow was pretty dry so the snowman wasn't that great, but much to the boys excitement he was upright with a bottom, middle & head.  He was even complete with sticks for arms & rocks for eyes and nose.  I know...I know...I wasn't prepared for the snowstorm, so I didn't have any carrots or coal. I promise I won't be caught off guard next time!  As we finished the snowman and we realized how red our cheeks were we headed inside for the best part of a snow day....HOT CHOCOLATE!  Thank goodness I was prepared with that! 

Heading out for the first time this year

Snow ball fight!

Snow Angel

Those are happy boys

The beginning of our snowman


Coming together nicely

The only picture I have of the completed project :/

Mmmm...good stuff

The good thing about Colorado doesn't stay around.  Come 2:00 (while we were watching the LSU game) the snow was pretty much gone.  The only thing left in our yard was our poor, pitiful snowman.  By 6:00 he was gone too.  Now we are back to 70's and on this Saturday it's supposed to be almost 80.  Love Colorado!! Can I get an AMEN?!?!

What's in a number?

35....that is my age as of Thursday.  I really don't know if that's old or not.  All I know is that I don't feel old.  I would say I feel mature, but I have felt mature since I was about 12 so that doesn't really say much.  I am glad that God has given me 35 years on this earth to learn, grow & love.  I am looking forward to many, many more if He feels inclined to bless me with more.  I will take whatever He gives me and make sure that I live them to the most for His glory.'s to #35!

Breakfast by hubby

Love from my boys

Outback is for celebrating!!!

Hubs made an awesome cake

How blessed am I ?!?!

FINALLY!!!!!! I have waited for years for this baby!!

Stop, Drop & Roll

The boys had another field trip on Thursday.  This time it was to the fire station.  Boys do love big trucks :)  It was fun to see the boys as they learned all about a day in the life of a firefighter.

Ready to go see the firehouse

Listening carefully

Finally...the big truck!

Jackson likes to be in charge :)

Jonathan likes to listen :)


Mrs. Peckam dressed up like a fireman

Mrs. Graham's class...with the brutal sun....

Monday, October 3, 2011

God's Paintbrush

We live in a BEAUTIFUL place. I know that there is beauty all around in God's creation and it looks different in different places.  I love the tall pines trees at home in Lousiana, the wide open sky in Montana, and the ocean in California BUT here in Colorado I feel as though God added a little extra.  This weekend we took a drive to see the Aspen trees as they are turning colors as fall is arriving.  Here is a list of words that were used over & over during the drive:  breathtaking, beautiful, amazing, wow, get the idea.  We pretty much ran out of adjectives to describe it.  Pictures really don't do it justice, but here ya go

Just outside of Colorado Springs...starting to see color

Pikes Peak

Please excuse the power lines....we were driving  :/

Love this!

We stopped for a picnic, they were really, they were!

Taking a hike

Family pic

The boys said "Look it's Chip..or Dale!" haha!

Doesn't do it justice......

Cripple Creek..neat old town

Victor....another neat old town

We took a different route home....a 29 mile dirt road. Yep, 29 miles!!!  May not do it again, but glad we did one time.

Love how the landscape changes

Oh...and we found a tarantula

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!   How blessed we are to live in such beautiful place.