Monday, March 12, 2012

Valentine's Day

The boys had a party on Valentine's Day, so we made some fun treats.  I gave them a few choices about what they would like to do.  They each picked out something different, which is fun!

Again....we are just straight up silly

David & I usually don't go all out for Valentine's.  Our anniversary is only 2 weeks later, so we usually keep it light.  He brought home some roses & a card.  I made 52 reasons why I love you for him and then I surprised him with our favorite pizza from home.  He loved it :)

Hope everyone had a great day celebrating love.

Visit to the homeland

After we finished  a fun weekend of celebrating Parker & Caroline's birthday, the boys and I stayed to make a visit to Ruston.  We hadn't been since August, and frankly, I miss that place sometimes!  David had to fly back to the Springs to work for a few days and then travel to CA for work. 

Our first adventure was to visit our friends that now live in Bossier City.  We lived in CA together and the boys sure miss hanging out (not to mention I miss my friend).  We went to Sci-Port and just hung out for an afternoon.  It was a great time for all!!  Miss you Brown family!

All the boys

4 boys to look at the camera at the same time....IMPOSSIBLE

Rafting down the river

Jackson was flying

and then Robert & Jackson decided to fix the plumbing in the bathroom

Yeah!! Picture with my friend! I look worn out :(
Our next visit was to Aunt Ann!  No visit to Ruston is ever complete without spending time with Aunt Ann!! Actually we were able to see her a few times.  Aunt Ann always cooks for us.  LOVE eating at Aunt Ann's.  Hanging out with Aunt Ann is the best!

Next up:  Visit with Memaw, aka David's mom.  We got to hang out with Memaw a couple times, too.  The boys love playing at her house with her "old" toys.  It's fun to see them playing with stuff that David played with. 

Sweet, sweet picture!
We had lots of opportunities to play at Papa G's  He has fun, fun toys at his house!  Lot's of big boy toys.  I love being able to share with the boys some of the fun I got to have growing up. 
Riding with AK on the golf cart

We had fun with sidewalk chalk one afternoon

Dad doing his thing in his shop

Jack...ready to go fishing...just need some water

We also went to Minden to visit with David's sister one afternoon.  I have been kicking myself since we left...we didn't take one single picture!! I don't know why other that I just forgot!  They boys had a great time playing with their cousin Lydia.  It was great to be able to catch up with them...even though I didn't take a picture :)

One of my favorite memories of this trip:  a lunch date with my daddy.  The last time I went on a lunch date with daddy by myself was long before the boys were born.  I called Aunt Ann and asked if she was available to come and watch the boys and she said YES!!  So, Dad & I went to eat at Dowling's.  We just chatted and ate,  ate and chatted.  It was great!  I love talking with my daddy

Aunt Ann brought all kinds of fun stuff for their play date.  They boys LOVED the glasses :)
Most of you know, but some might not.  I have lots of cousins..I mean lots!  It's impossible to see them all, or even most, or maybe even some.  But, we did get to hang out with one set of our cousins. Stacy & I are 10 months apart.  Growing up we did TONS together.  Actually most people thought we were sisters.  Actually, Stacy was on my first date with David and it was after her wedding that David & I got engaged.  We have always been close, so when I do come in town we try to get together.  This time we decided to meet at the park.  They kiddos were so great together.  They love playing together!

I love this!  Jackson & Jon Robert

Madison, Jonathan, Jackson & Jon Robert (I missed getting a pic with Micah in it)
We actually met at the park a couple of days.   The second time ended up having a little drama associated with it.  We were all talking, the kids were playing.  We ended up having some surprise visitors to the park.  Stacy's parents showed up and we were visiting with them and my Aunt Lou & Uncle Billy showed up.  So..there were lots of Scriber's at the park that day.  Actually, it was only us there.  While the kids were playing they decided to start playing baseball.  Micah was practicing for real & then the little boys decided they wanted to try.  Well, long story short.......Jonathan got hit in head by accident.  I didn't think it was much to be concerned about, but Aunt Janice told me it was.  She is a nurse and told me we needed to head to the ER.  So we did.  Aunt Lou & Uncle Billy drove Jonathan & myself to the hospital while Stacy took Jackson to Papa G.  Stacy ended up coming back up to the hospital to make sure Jonathan was ok.  She felt much worse about the incident than I did.  It was an one meant to hurt anyone.  But it happened.  

Warning:  If you get queasy, you might want to skip the next few pictures......

On our way to the hospital

Smiling with a head injury....

Stacy made me laugh....I'm usually not so good with treating gross things

See??  That was hard to watch!  Jonathan slept through the whole treatment

I wanted a pic with Stacy.  Too bad it was in the ER!  Love you!
It was too bad the next day we had to start our trip back.  We had to head back to Dallas, so we weren't able to see Stacy & the kiddo's again.  Jon-Jon didn't have any problems after he got glued up, just wish we could have seen the kiddo's one more time so they could see that he was ok!

On our way back to Dallas we made a stop at Grandmother's.  She is Rachel's grandmother and is an amazing lady.  She loves us as though we have always been in her family.  She hadn't seen the boys since they were about 4 months old, so we made a quick visit to see her.  She was so excited to see them!

Love this lady!

 We finally made it back to Dallas where we spent a few days at my mom's house.  We were able to go and see the Cato's.  They are family friends who have always treated Erin & I like we were their grandchildren.  They are very special people.  They had to move out to Dallas to be closer to family, so we made a trip to see them. 

Special, amazing people!

Love Ms. Sue!
Our last couple of days we spent with my mom & Erin, Adolfo, Parker & Caroline.  I am just now realizing that I didn't get any pictures of the boys with mom or me with mom.  I did get some fun pics of the boys though. 

Love Auntie E

That's my girl :)


They sure do love each other!

Lots of playing!
All in all it was one memorable trip!!!  We made lots of wonderful family & friend memories that I won't be forgetting any time soon.  We had a memorable drive home as well.  We ended up in the middle of a snow storm that was about 150 miles.  There was one time that we almost had an accident, but we didn't and then made it safely home.  It was great to be back to our home after 15 days being gone!   But now I'm ready to go again :)

Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar kind of birthday

The end of January is a special time in our family.  It's Parker & Caroline's birthday!!!!  That's always fun to celebrate!  We made the trip from the Springs down to Dallas just for them, so you know they are some special kiddos.   Erin did an amazing job of doing a fun birthday party. You can read all the details here: Erin's blog . If we lived closer we would totally have a business together :)

A little play time before the party

I love this girl!! Wish we lived closer

Parker...look at those dimples

Jackson loves Princess

The princess girls

We never have a normal picture......

That's one big sucker....and mouth

Anna Kate loves her niece & nephews!

Jon Jon had a little icing in his mouth

Playing with Papa G is the best

Pretty girls!! 

Again with the silly...I think it came from the man in the picture.....

So excited to see Mama Rach & Papa G and getting to spend time with them