Thursday, July 12, 2012

Traveling Louisiana style

Another reason for our trip home was to bring home lots of baby stuff that Erin & Adolfo are letting us borrow.  I am so thankful that she has kept everything!! We weren't sure how much we would be able to fit in the car, but we were actually able to fit every thing we were planning on borrowing.  It was amazing how much stuff fit in our car!
Have I mentioned these boys are amazing travelers?!?!  They rode 800 miles like this!!

Pretty sure we had our roots showing with the way we made this last trip. :) Our car had a crib, changing table, swing, bouncy seat, bottles, blankets, clothes and then anything else you can think of.  Thanks sis!! get to putting everything away....

Blessing baby Elizabeth

I mentioned in my previous post Trip to the homeland that some of my family honored me with a baby shower while we were home.  It was such a great time.  It was fun to get girl stuff, but most important it was a blessing to spend time with family and friends.  Just to be able to spend quality time with those that I love.  We were blessed with so many gifts for our baby girl, Elizabeth Ann Hollis!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those that blessed us.  We don't really know how to put into words our gratitude.  We love each of you!


Cute decorations by none other than Mama Rach

I love this girl!

Adorable cake

The hostesses


Love Rach & Catherine!

Yummy food!

Cute, cute!

My daddy

Love these girls! 

My mom

Diana & glad they came! 

Lacey made the drive to see me!

Mawmaw - we love her

All the ladies

How blessed we are!
 I am still just overwhelmed with how blessed we are and am so thankful for all of these special people in our lives!

Trip to the homeland

After we put David on the plane to head back to Colorado Springs for a few days, the boys and I headed to Ruston.  We had a few things planned for the week.  The boys were going to be taking swimming lessons and then on Saturday some of my family was giving me a baby shower for our little girl.

 First up: swimming lessons.  The boys have always loved water, so they did great at swim lessons.  They can swim independently for a good ways.  Now, we just have to continue to work on it with them.  I was so thankful that my cousin, Stacy, was the one that was teaching them.  We got to chat and catch up all the while the boys enjoyed swimming.  It was a fun week!

First day..getting started

First day... a little nervous so he let brother go first

haha!! Coming up for a breath

Not nervous anymore!

Jackson loved being underwater!

Thanks Stac!! 
 David flew back in town so he could spend the weekend with all of us in Ruston.  It was a great time for all of us to be home!  What do we do when we all get together???? EAT, of course! haha.  The kiddos also played and then on Sunday we all went to church together.  What a great time of family.  I am blessed!

Dad doing his thang!  Cooking :)


Ruston peaches!  Yes, please!

I find this amazing....4 kids with Papa G all looking at the camera!

Beautiful Ortuzar family

All of us!!

Father's Day

These boys love this man more than anything!  Happy Father's Day to one of the best dads on this earth.

Summer Fun

After we got home from California, we were home for 4 whole days before we took off for another trip.  This time is was to travel to Louisiana to spend time with family.  It was such a great trip!  Each trip we make home with the boys gets better and better.  The boys are AMAZING travelers (as in we drive for 12 hours making 2 stops) and seem to not mind us putting them through the agony of getting to where we are going.  They love the idea of going different places!  I will say that for about 2 months Jackson asked me when we were going to Papa G's.  I was just glad to get there so I wouldn't have to answer that question every day :) 

Our first stop was Dallas!  It was time to spend with Tio Fito, Aunt Erin, Parker & Caroline.  We spent the morning playing at a spray park with the kids.  They loved it!!

Pretty sure this is best it gets with cousins!

That evening all the kids stayed with my mom while the 4 of us went to the Ranger's game.  Fun!

Father's day was the next day.  Erin & I made a big breakfast for the guys and then after church we made a trip to Bass Pro to let the guys find something they "need". 

Loving on the best daddy

Caroline LOVED the carousel ride at Bass Pro

Boys enjoying a ride
A great time was had in Dallas!  Next stop....Ruston :)