Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Program

The boys had a Christmas program at their school.  I know I am just a crazy parent, but it was awesome.  I just love seeing the kids as they are just pouring their hearts out.  I am so thankful for PPCS and glad that we are part of the family now :)

Warning:  lots of pictures/videos.  It might be overload for anyone that is not an immediate family member.

Jackson LOVED singing! 


How adorable are they???  (I know I'm a little biased..)

They were so excited David was there!  David had to fly out that day, but made sure his flight was late enough so he could be there for the performance.  He's a good daddy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I know it's been a while since I have updated....oops.  It's been a little busy :)

So, in the middle of December I got a call from a good friend and she asked me if her & her 2 boys could make a stop in Colorado Springs.  Of course!!! was my answer. 

Lacey and I became friends when her husband got orders to be stationed at Vandenberg.  But I knew her before that.  Actually several years before that.  It seems like the Lord keeps crossing our paths!  David & I were stationed at Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, MT from 02 - 06.  Great Falls is where Lacey is from.  Lacey was gone to college most of the time we were stationed there, but we had the privilege of getting to know her parents pretty well.  Amazing people!   Her husband, Andrew, worked with David a little bit in MT.  After we had been at Vandenberg for about 3 years that's when Lacey sent me a message about them getting orders to VAFB.  I was able to help them with information about the local area and we were excited to get a new couple at church and a playing buddy for the boys. Now their family is being stationed at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, LA which is less than an hour from Ruston so we know we will continue to see each other!

 We were able to see Lacey & fam when we were in California in April/May last year but haven't seen them since.  The boys were so excited that their friends were coming to visit & I was excited my friend was coming, too :) Even though I was pretty busy while they were here we made the most of it.  We enjoyed laughing, talking, eating, playing with boys and relaxing a little bit.  So thankful for the Lord's body that I know I will always have these friends no matter where in the world we all live!

Brotherly love - Robert & Andrew "Q"

Lacey & Robert - beautiful friend

Book time - they always love it when Lacey reads!  She has lots of expressions :)

Q & Jackson - lots of love here, not intentional poking of the eye :)

Q & Jonathan - they really do like each other :)