Monday, September 19, 2011

RACE day!

Race Day!   I think most of you by now know that my Aunt Ann has been battling breast cancer since January.  Erin & I couldn’t just sit around and do nothing while she was in the fight of her life.  So, we talked about it and decided to join the Race for the Cure in Colorado Springs on September 11, 2011.  We decided this in February.  Glad we did!! That gave me enough time to train for the race J In March we called Aunt Ann & told her what we were planning and that we would LOVE for her to see us cross that finish line.  Without hesitation she said “YES, YES!!”  So thus the plan began.  We would have a family get-together in Colorado Springs in September.  Now, before this day got here I knew I had some training to do.  I have never been a “runner”.  I have never hated it, but also never had a love for it.  I also have a slight problem with drop foot with my left foot which makes me very unsure most of the time.  I just know with every step the next one I will fall.  I have to say that after training and learning to trust myself that fear has lessened. 
I started training hard in April…yes; I waited a while before I started running everyday L  That’s ok, though I had plenty of time! So, back to April….we were in California for a few weeks with David while he was working and so what a better place to start training, right?!  It was amazing!  I got to run with a great friend a time or two, with David, and by myself.  For the most part it was just I & the boys running.  It was a great time for me to talk with the boys about what we were doing and why.  If you ask them why we were running their response would be “for Aunt Ann to get better!”  Now that’s motivation!!!!  Once we got back to Colorado, it took a little more motivation to get me going.  It was still cool here & the wind was a kicker when you are pushing uphill 80 pounds of kids.  We persevered and did it.  David definitely brought out the ole drill sergeant thing a time or two…….  I have to say that God would show His face so many times during our training.  You see, the sky here is beautiful (not as big as Montana, but pretty big).  God would use His tapestry on more than one occasion to say to me to keep going, that I had set a goal worth keeping & He was hearing our prayers to heal Aunt Ann.   
A beatiful senset after our run one evening

First there was a beautiful rainbow

Not sure if you can see it in this picture, but the single rainbow turned into a double rainbow! 

After months of training, Race Day had arrived.  (You can see in my previous post how much I love my family & how special they are!)  We had to get up REALLY early….like 4:30 am I was out of the shower!  I wasn’t sleepy though, I was ready.  We were all up & eating breakfast and getting ready.  Aunt Ann braided all of the girl’s hair.  She has done this all of our lives…it was a great touch to have her doing that for us on race day.  We left for Garden of the Gods around 6:15 am.  Ready to run!!  We got there and walked around all of the area to see what all they had for goodies and then got ready to line-up to run.  The race began at 8:00 am.  We were able to see the sun reflecting on Pikes Peak as it rose.  It was like God was saying to me He was there & watching us fulfill this.  Calming I tell ya! We go to line up for the race and start to realize how many people are there….it was a LOT!  It was moving to see all the people that are/were affected by this disease and how we were all there in support of a CURE.  Adolfo had decided that he would run the race with us & my friend Elena had graciously loaned us a jogging stroller so running for Aunt Ann’s team was:  David, myself, Jackson & Jonathan (in our stroller), Erin, Adolfo, Parker & Caroline (in a stroller) and then Anna Kate.  I was just overwhelmed with emotion walking up to the starting line.  Thinking about how Erin & I had started out thinking just the 2 of us would be running and then it turning into our husbands & kids joining us along with our little sister.  I could cry again right now just thinking about it. 

We started running at 8:00 with about 8,000 other people.  In one of the most beautiful places that was created by God’s hands.  The first mile is pretty much killer.  Uphill…the whole time.  We just pushed through & made it.  We had such a great time running with each other & we would encourage each other to keep going and laughed a lot, too! When we came down the final hill there were people lined up on each side to cheer us on.  Then we got to about the last ½ mile and there was Dad waiting with Anna Kate.  Anna Kate wanted to go with us so bad, but we thought the beginning might be a little treacherous for her.  We decided she would join us to run the last bit & cross the finish line together.  She was so excited when she saw  us coming down that hill towards her!  She loves Aunt Ann as much as we do & wanted to do her part, too!  Such a great loving family I have!!!!  Back on track… we approached the finish line we saw Aunt Ann, Aunt Lou, Uncle Ed, & Uncle Billy.  We had our own cheering section. We FINISHED!!!!!  We ran it in about 40 minutes.  Now…I know that’s not a great time, but it felt like a great time for me so I’ll take it!

The front of the shirt Rach designed for us....Those are Aunt Ann's initial's :)
Team shirts!!! Thanks Rach

Ready to Race!

Along with everyone else..

Beautiful sunrise

Joanthan is ready for the race, too!

No caption needed!


Release of the ballons...for a CURE

The girls
As we crossed that finish line together the emotions could not be held back anymore.  It felt great to participate in this amazing race.  Then, as Aunt Ann approached Erin & I with tears streaming down her face I couldn’t hold it off anymore.  She was so appreciative of what we did in her honor.  We embraced for a long while and just loved on each other.  I cannot describe the feeling I had at that very moment.  But, I will remember it for the rest of my life! As I was hugging Aunt Ann and so thankful she was with us to celebrate I couldn’t help but think of those people that have lost their loved ones to this ugly disease and to those that are in the middle of the trenches right now fighting.  It all flooded my mind!  After a few minutes of everyone hugging everyone & everyone crying we finally pulled it all together.  Someone cracked a joke & we were back to laughing again J  I would like to add a HUGE thank-you that contributed to our team for the race.  Our little team alone raised $2, 935!!! Thank you to each one that donated!

Almost to the finish!!! Jonathan wanted to get out & run across the finish line, too.  Jackson decided to ride

Finishing strong!!

Crossing the finish line!
Loving on Aunt Ann

Anna Kate turning in her donations with Aunt Ann

As we were leaving I snapped one last picture of our view

After the race & taking in God’s beauty one last time we decided to head towards our cars.  You see, Erin & I planned on a Survivor party for Aunt Ann after the race.  So it was time to par-tay.  We got home and finished up cooking lunch and then all sat down to eat together.  We made a toast to Aunt Ann, to her health, her importance in our family and the love that we all share.  It is hard to put into words to someone that has made such a positive impact on your life in such a short amount of time! We finished up our dinner and then everyone CRASHED!  Well…everyone but a few of us.  Aunt Ann, Aunt Lou & I enjoyed the amazing Colorado weather outside while the others slept it away J  
Waiting for lunch...

Can't get enough of this one! :)

The spread...just about everything was pink

Eating! We can't see P-man...sorry 'bout that
I don’t really want to end this entry because I really don’t want it to come to a close.  But, I guess it is time to close this one and look forward to the next one.  I love you Aunt Ann & thank God every day for you! 

Hair TODAY, GONE tomorrow, CURE FOREVER!!!!

SCRIBER time!!!

I know that many of you know my amazing family.  Some of you do not & that is truly a shame.  They are one of a kind!  This past weekend I had a house FULL of Scriber’s.!  In total we had 15 people at our house.  Now…for most folks that a lot of people.  It’s a small crowd for the Scriber’s.  You see, my dad is 1 of 9 so it is quite normal when we have a get-together for there to be anywhere from 50 – 100 people.  15 is quite a manageable number J  I’m sure you are wondering, “Just what makes it so fun?”.  When I was younger I thought it was all the fun stories & dancing and of course the FOOD.  Now, my answer is just spending time with people that understand me.  Since David & I have not lived near “home” for over 10 years it’s hard to find a group of people that understand you all the way & love you with all your quirks, so being with my family is a re-charge.  I love every minute of it.
I am so thankful God has blessed me with such an amazing family!
Jon Jon helping out P-man!

Papa G irritating..uh, I mean loving on Jackson :)

Baby Sis & Princess

Look at that happy boy!!! What boy doens't love a John Deere?

Men folk...talking & eating

Aunt Ann & Erin supervising

Aunt Ann helping Princess swing....I'm pretty sure she did the same thing for me a while back :)

Dad & Sis playing some fuseball

You see that ball??Yep, Jon Jon had a great hit!! Papa G showing him how to do it!

The girls.  On our way up to Pikes Peak

We made it to the top!  With a cloud on top of us....

Jackson loves bears......and Aunt Erin

Now, this would we a winning Bobsled team I tell ya

Trying to get all 5 to look at one time....IMPOSSIBLE! :)

Dad alllllmost has the wingspan of Michael Phelps

LOVE this family!!!! Wish they lived next door :)

Papa G loving on the boys...Jackson loves him.  He really does!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Can I just say….I LOVE FOOTBALL!   No really, I love the game!  I loved it as a kid when my dad would take me to see a game.  Going to Death Valley on Saturday night is awesome…especially as an 8 year old kid!  The more I started to understand the game the more I loved it. Maybe that’s why I stayed in band as long as I did?  You can ask anyone that used to sit around me in band how much I would yell at football games.  Almost I left hoarse. Poor Jeff Fink, he was my buddy & fellow clarinet player that had to listen to all of my non-sense…all the way through college J   I just loved cheering for the team I was supporting, whether it was Ruston High, ULM or Louisiana Tech.  Now, my whole family LOVES LSU; I do too.  It’s who we are, so we have always pulled for the Tigers every Saturday night they play.  Then came Sunday, what were we doing?  Flying in from church trying to hurry up & eat our lunch so we could watch the Saints.  We were fans back when they were the Aints.  They would be winning a game up until the 4th quarter then literally give it away, but we were there cheering them on even through the disappointment.  So, you see…I love football.  Can I just say that I am thanking the dear Lord that it is that time again.  Time to watch football!!
Putting up the flag

Representing in Colorado

Since we can't tailgate or hang with our family on gameday's we always make fun game food.  So...we had chicken & sausage gumbo, cheese dip & pigs 'n blanket. YUMMY