Monday, April 2, 2012

News, really big news

David & I learned of some news last week.  Totally unexpected and unplanned.   I’m not really sure about how to go about this, but I will just say it.  We are PREGNANT again! We’ve only known about this for about a week and we are still a bit shocked.  I have been told by numerous doctors I would never be able to conceive naturally.  Well, I guess they have all been proved wrong! 
What I mean by unplanned is that David & I had discussed whether we wanted any more children.  We had decided that we feel so very blessed to have the boys that we wouldn’t try to have any more.  So we decided that we felt our family was complete.  It seems as though God did not agree with our plan.  Obviously David & I played a part in this as well.  I know that we made a couple decisions that led to this “condition”, but I do know that my body doesn’t do normal things so for me to get pregnant normally is supernatural.  I believe with all my heart that God played a part in this.
We have a little miracle that is going to be joining our family.  And it is going to be soon.  The doctor said that we are looking at having a baby on October 8.  We are excited to see how God is going to use this special miracle in our lives.  We are excited to take on this new adventure and see where it leads us. Please keep us in your prays as we prepare for this baby (just 1!), for the baby's health and for my health.  

I finally got it!

Look at this beautiful piece of machinery!

I finally got it, I finally got it!!  I am so excited! I actually was so excited that I wanted to make something in it.  I was going to make pancakes, so I made the batter in my mixer.  So fun!  I love this thing!  I can't wait to make lots and lots of food in it. 


Cowboy party

How fun is it to dress up as a cowboy?  I know the boys sure were excited about the possibility when they cam home announcing to me that there was going to be a cowboy party at school.  I had strict orders to find a hat and that they wanted to have a mustache.  If you know me, you know I was at the store that night :)  I was able to find a hat and eyeliner works great for a mustache! Oh yeah...they had to have a lasso too.  Good thing David can make a mean lasso!

Watching Toy Story while enjoying a cowboy meal

Those were 2 happy little cowboys!! 

Dentist visit

The boys had another check-up at the dentist.  They love going.  This time they had their first x-ray's.  Everything looks good :) Jackson was up first :

Now it's Jonathan's turn:

Be back in 6 months :)

Happy Anniversary to us!

11 years.  How in the world is that possible?  Maybe we miscounted, or maybe time sped up?  Ok, ok.  Reality is, yes we have been married for 11 years!  What an amazing 11 years it has been.  It has been full of adventure, fun, travel and a couple trials.  Mostly the fun stuff though!  I am so thankful every single day for the amazing husband I have.  I want to be appreciative of him, loving to him, supportive of him.  I strive everyday to put those into our marriage.  I am looking forward to sharing the rest of our lives together.  Hopefully it's lots & lots more years!

Last year we had pretty big surprises for each other for our anniversary (trip to Alaska & a diamond bracelet).  This year was laid back, but no disappointment. March 3rd is our anniversary and that weekend we had a lot to do.  David was working for the AF that weekend, so we had a dinner to go to on Friday night and then he worked all day on Saturday.  However, when he got home on Saturday he shared with me that we would be celebrating all the way to Monday.  David planned a night away for the 2 of us on Sunday and then he took off on Monday for us to spend together.  You see, this is really special.  David & I have not been away for the boys very much.  Actually it is very little.  We have had some amazing friends that have been willing to keep our boys on 3 different anniversary's for a night for us to get away.  Then the boys have stayed with my dad one night.  That's it.  So you can see how special it was that David planned a night away (and that he was able to find a willing participant).  Back to the anniversary. 

Sunday night after playing around with our life group we took the boys and dropped the off with our friend's the Leonard's.  Then we were off for our adventure.  There is a castle here in Colorado Springs that was built by the founder of Colorado Springs.  They now rent out the facilities, so we got to stay in a castle!  Who gets to say that?!?  It was beautiful.  And calming.  They don't have TVs or radio's and very little phone reception.  It was so nice to be able to turn off all the outside noise around us.  To be able to listen to the quiet, talk and rest.  It really was refreshing. 

The 3 windows on the top...that's was our room!
Our beautiful room

After breakfast on Monday we went for a couple hikes on the grounds.  It was a beautiful day and it was a wonderful way to spend time with David.  We truly enjoyed hanging out with each other!

Our first hike

We weren't able to make it to the punch bowls.  Too icy. 

At the beginning of our next hike....big horn sheep

Beautiful views of Garden of the Gods

Amazing view of the city on one side & Pike's Peak on the other. 

After our hikes and grabbing a snack for lunch, we headed back to the castle for a tour.  We were able to learn a little bit about the history of the castle and view the grounds.

Glen Eyrie Castle

A little strange for an entrance...don't come stumbling out of there!

An underground entrance...pretty cool

This mantle is held up by the stone alone, no mortar.  Pretty cool.
What a fun trip this was!  It was a great refresher for both of us.  Now we are looking forward to many, many more years together.