Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trip to the homeland

After we put David on the plane to head back to Colorado Springs for a few days, the boys and I headed to Ruston.  We had a few things planned for the week.  The boys were going to be taking swimming lessons and then on Saturday some of my family was giving me a baby shower for our little girl.

 First up: swimming lessons.  The boys have always loved water, so they did great at swim lessons.  They can swim independently for a good ways.  Now, we just have to continue to work on it with them.  I was so thankful that my cousin, Stacy, was the one that was teaching them.  We got to chat and catch up all the while the boys enjoyed swimming.  It was a fun week!

First day..getting started

First day... a little nervous so he let brother go first

haha!! Coming up for a breath

Not nervous anymore!

Jackson loved being underwater!

Thanks Stac!! 
 David flew back in town so he could spend the weekend with all of us in Ruston.  It was a great time for all of us to be home!  What do we do when we all get together???? EAT, of course! haha.  The kiddos also played and then on Sunday we all went to church together.  What a great time of family.  I am blessed!

Dad doing his thang!  Cooking :)


Ruston peaches!  Yes, please!

I find this amazing....4 kids with Papa G all looking at the camera!

Beautiful Ortuzar family

All of us!!

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